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I must confess something: sometimes I am humiliated to be a beauty addict.

To give you a very specific example:

– when I put an alarm at 3 am not to miss the new ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip lipsticks (yeah already, I’m starting there), 
– that I realize that I planted myself in this brothel time zones of the United States (do you understand something there in the Atlantic time zone?) (me not much, especially at 3 am), 
– I realize that I have more than 1h of delay on this f ****** g put on sale on the site of ColourPop, 
– that it is misery because all the beauty addicts of the US, Canada, Australia and I do not know where are like crazy (= like me actually) refreshing the page because the site crashed under the flood of orders,
– that I end up putting in contribution my poor husband who returns from professional displacement in the middle of the night to succeed to pass this damn command (#award of the wife of the year), 
– I end up capitulating at the end of 2 hours (it’s good m *** e, it’s just lipsticks) (I’m not like those crazy people who are lining up for the latest iPhone, me, no but!) (SI !!! ), 
– my husband is always on the block because he never abandons him (he is English, I’m French, normal) (this stupid joke will speak primarily to Anglophiles who know that The French always surrender),
 he finally succeeds in validating  this damn  command (#award the husband of the year) (for real),

– I’m so happy we’d think I won this award (and I’m a bit ashamed at the same time, anyway) (but I’m so happy) (but I’m a little ashamed) (but I…)!

ColourPop had made an unbelievable buzz about the launch of these famous  ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip. It’s simple; we saw them everywhere on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube (some bloggers had received them in advance).

Why such a buzz? 
Matt liquid lipsticks are THE big trend of the moment in makeup. It’s very simple, everyone does (or will do soon, expect a break in perfumery in September) but ColourPop does it at a bargain price: 6 dollars.
And with a choice of 25 shades all more successful and trendy than each other. So it’s simple: everyone wanted them!

They were out of stock in a few hours. They are again available on the ColourPop website but for how long? 

Colourpop ultra matte lip review

I have the impression that this article is waiting for you impatiently?  Remember during the Black  Friday had emptied my bank account on the American beauty websites to take advantage of great specials.  Following this, I did a little poll on Twitter to see if you would prefer that I tell you about Colourpop lipsticks or Gerard Cosmetics in the first place.    At  80 %  arrived  Colourpop, the big winner! 

It does not surprise me because it’s the brand buzz and buzz in the United States right now, they talk  ALL!  And when I tell you all, it’s the bloggers and youtube users beauties This brand is best known for selling liquid lipsticks the case of the century that competes with the brand  NYX  or even  Kiko, that is to say. 

Their eyeshadow and their highlighter are many buzzes on the web, for quality that would be quite crazy according to the opinions and a price always accessible.  It even looks like Miss Kylie Jenner, and her new lipsticks would come straight from the factories of Colourpop in the greatest secrecy, then info or into? This photo puzzles me …

The external appearance of ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Avenue & Lax

The optical, external appearance of the Ultra Matte Lip Creams is kept simple and is spiced up by a holographic lettering. This is the highlight on the packaging and can be found in a narrower version, also directly on the sleeve again.
Otherwise dominated by white, supported by a lateral red swab, on which the color name stands and filigree black lettering. All in all nice to look at, if rather functional. But it’s also about the content.

The product ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Avenue & Lax

The transparent tubes, which allow the view of the content, are quite massive and are adorned with a holographic lettering. The packaging is completed by a silver-colored strip below the – likewise – silver-colored lid in which the applicator is located.
Unfortunately, both lettering and the silver accents break off quite quickly when used several times, which looks unattractive, but of course, does not detract from its use.

The vials are well in hand and are tightly closed, so that leakage of the product is impossible. Even opening works without much effort.

The job is thanks to the rather wide, if short, applicator, pleasantly easy to apply and the intense color is delivered with the first order on the lips, without unsightly spillage or mess. Since the consistency is very dry, you can work precisely and do not necessarily need a lip liner for the “base.”

The dry consistency is due to the ultra-matte finish. Thus, the Ultra Matte Lip Colourpop are extremely productive and last a long time on the lips – even with drinking and eating (if it is not too fatty) – but also leave an ultra-dry feeling. Personally, I can live with it for a few hours, but then the intense feeling of drought for me is very annoying, and the color must be off. Not only for the Ultra Matte Lip but generally for dry / matt lip products. Since the former lip gloss junkie screams probably still out of me; o)

Overall, the pigmentation and durability, especially regarding price, unbeatable. If only there were not the problem that Colourpop does not deliver to the USA.


The packaging is a plastic bottle with a metallic cap. I had read reviews that said he was running but I had no problem with my side. 
I find it rather classy and elegant, it is not cheap at all.

Placed next to a liquid lipstick brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, it does not demerit, I think! wink

Innovation and formula:

I’m not sure we can talk about innovation here because these kinds of formulas are rather fashionable right now, we see everywhere. And this one does not really have anything more than the others. 
It is a very liquid texture, not “foamy” as some (in the style of Rouge Velvet Edition of Bourjois for example).

In any case, ColourPop does not put forward any assets care or anything particular in this formula.


The perfume is so light that it is hardly discernible.


I was pleasantly surprised by the applicator which allows a rather precise application . By cons, the formula dries very quickly! Do not hang around! 
Another thing, be sure to have your lips erased, clean and dry before applying this liquid lipstick! If there is any trace of fat, it will not adhere well. You can apply a base for the lips before without problem by cons.

Well clearly, this is not the fastest lipstick to apply in the world, I prefer to warn you …

My method of application:

– generally, I first make the lip of the bottom, then I come to take the product in my bottle to apply it on the top lip, 
– I try not to forget a single place during my application because once that the product is dry (and it’s fast enough), impossible to add without making the product moves by making small pieces, so the application is done  in 1 single layer, 
– when I apply, I avoid back and forth movements to avoid moving the product, 
– I stretch my lips well before the product is dry to be sure to apply it everywhere, 
– I’m careful not to put too much in the middle of the lips because otherwise, I find on my teeth!

The brand advises to draw the outline at first lip liner and I find that, indeed, it helps to have a result net, especially with dark colors or very bright. 
There are no (yet) ColourPop lipsticks for this range of Ultra Matte Lips but there are quite a few in the existing range of Lippie Pencils that can match with colors, I think. wink

If you want to make alterations during the day, it’s a little tricky, because the layers do not really overlap well at all. I’m just adding to the places where the lipstick is erased to find a more homogeneous result.

Pigmentation and coverage:

The pigmentation is generally rather good but against, level coverage, even if I am satisfied with most of the colors I chose, some have pretty disappointed me. 
Including Succulent and Lychee  (to a lesser extent) that do not apply homogeneously on my lips (the color is as faded in places). It’s really a shame! sad

Finish and sensation on the lips:

The finish is completely matte, like velvet on the lips and it’s really pretty, especially with the bright colors (more portable and if they had a glossy finish). It is also non-transfer.

Level sensation, it is the big defect of these products: they are extremely desiccating! Really not comfortable at all. 
And on me who tend to have lips rather dry, it’s quite problematic … If I wear them for an evening, for a few hours only, it’s fine but all day, I have only one desire after a moment: throw me on a lip balm!

A tip if like me you have dry lips:

You can apply a base for the lips before applying Ultra Matte Lips. The base facilitates the application but especially maintains the hydration of your lips. It does not turn these lipsticks into the most comfortable red in the world, but it’s still a lot nicer to wear! 
ColourPop offers one, sold at $ 5. I strongly advise you to add it to your order! wink


The outfit is pretty good even if after a meal, a small editing is necessary for the middle of the lips. 
Good after, this is not the kind of formula that fades super nicely on the lips. After 6-7 hours (which is not bad at all, I want to stress), the finish on the lips is much less clear and there is still color, but the “film” matte covering on the lips has holes and is removed in places by making small bits …

For me, I think it will not be this lipstick that I would choose for a big whole day, but rather to wear it a few hours (to avoid having to retouch).


The real plus of this product: it is sold at reasonable price, so at that price, we want to forgive him these defects!wink

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks, colors:

With 25 different colors, the choice is ultra wide!

I chose 8 colors:  Trap, Bumble, Tulle, Avenue, Succulent, Creeper, Mars, and Lychee.

The first 4 are more neutral (and for 3 of them quite dark) and the other 4 are pretty bright colors.

Trap:  I feel that this color will not be unanimous but I wanted a taupe pink beige like that for a long time without wanting to put a fortune. I know it will not be the color that I will wear the most but I like enough! wink

Bumble:  no bowl for this color, I think she does not go at all. It is a brown red, quite rusty and I do not like at all his orange side on me. I think it swears with my skin tone … Too bad! sad

Tulle: a very pretty burgundy, a little brown but not too much. It will be perfect for this fall and this winter!

Avenue:  a very intense dark red hot, very flattering for my complexion (I’m not a fan of dark reds that pull on purple on me but this kind of warm dark red is perfect!). Same thing, it’s more of an “autumn-winter” color, I think.

Succulent:  what a disappointment! I am the super fan of color, a sublime red neon orange but I can not get a consistent application on my lips! Too bad…

Creeper: superb! A sublime bright red, very slightly cold. No surprises with this one, I know it’s a color that suits me. 

Mars:  a perfect color for the summer! This is a pretty red fuchsia, not too blue and especially completely on. If you like the colors that fart, you need it! wink

Lychee: I’m not sure to wear this color every day but for those days when I want more fantasy, it will be perfect! It is a purple-pink very bright and self-sufficient. A little mascara, and basta

In summary:

 Strong points

– the choice of color is quite fantastic: 25 beautiful colors 
– the finish is really completely matte 
– very good pigmentation and coverage as a rule 
– very good behavior 
– no transfer (it’s always practical) 
– the applicator is quite precise 
– the price!!!

 Weak points

– lack of comfort; it’s almost unpleasant to wear if you tend to like me to have dry lips (even if with a lip primer, it’s better) 
– some colors have a lack of homogeneity to the application 
– impossible to retouch if the product is dry, it creates small ends that take off 
– it should be applied quickly in a single layer because the product dries rather quickly: not always obvious 

– the brand still does not deliver internationally (go ColourPop, we must decide now !!!)

For me, it’s not the best liquid lipstick formula on the market. But let’s say it’s an opportunity to test this kind of products without breaking the bank. On the
other hand, one thing is sure, the colors are really all very beautiful! My top 3 on me: Creeper, Avenue, and Mars.


I do not want to finish on a negative note even if some points are.  There are a few things that make me say that I will redeem all the same: 

  • The price more than attractive,  the cheapest on the market for dull liquids and even by ordering directly to the US! 
  • The choice of colors, it is huge, and clearly, there are tons that I want to test!  What I love about their site that all brands should take some seed, it’s the swatch photos that are very similar, so we’re pretty sure not to miss. 
  • The pigmentation is crazy enough that is not the case for all brands, so it is true that it gives again desire!

For all the other negatives, outfit, comfort, hues not all homogeneous,  erosion do you want it here; I’m disappointed.  Also the fact that they do not deliver at home, enough galley to order especially when we are not used to Shipito.

For all those who are not cold in the eyes by ordering in the US and like me, love the matte liquid lipstick and change very often, the fact of paying cheap is a plus, so yes  I advise! 

For those who expect quality at a low price butter, buttery money and creamer’s ass sorry, but no it will not be at home, turn instead on the  NYX  much more comfortable and sell at home online.

That’s it; you know  EVERYTHING!   I hope that my opinion will not have cooled you too much, in the meantime, know that it does not prevent me from wearing them almost every day since I received them. During my meet-up at Benefit this week, by the way, I received a lot of compliments  (I wore the Teeny Tiny ) without boasting, OF COURSE!

I’ll let you share your comments in comments for those who have already tested; I’ll be glad to know what you thought!


I love red, and I love the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Creams!
Everything is right if you are looking for a dull, dry lip color and are looking for something with good durability and excellent pigmentation.

Especially the price makes the Coloupop products to a real must-have, even if the shipping to Germany is still “on top” (but what are their bulk orders ?!: D).

The job is simple and accurate, the color is full, and the result is great to look at – my wearing pictures I submit later, in this post.

From me so clearly a recommendation and certainly not my last Ultra Matte Lip.

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