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Who is here who makeup every day? I’m proud of you guys who each day have to make up. When the application may still be enthusiastic but fitting back home, it was already too tired to double cleansing, and super males make clean face right. As adherents to double cleansing, how to clean my face quite a lot, often I begin to skip clean face, but afraid to face dull and acne.

It’s like to use a natural facial cleanser as well as a good facial cleanser but not make Tibet. Hmmm, guess there is not you?

Now I’ve found a way to clean the skin of a simple face when the manager hit but can face well. Micellar Water to the Rescue. This is the best facial cleansing solution I use after more than a dozen. Are you familiar with Micellar Water? So what exactly is Micellar water?

What is Micellar water

Micellar Water is all in one cleansing. Micellar Water is superior to ordinary cleansing because it contains micelle, these tiny particles act like magnets. Micelle not only pulls dirt and makeup but also hydrates your skin.

The main function of the micellar water is a facial cleanser without rinse & leave no sticky/oily residue. The main difference from Micellar Water with Cleanser / Make-up remover is texture, its texture as light as water, so it allows us to remove the dirt with a single swab without rinsing.

Garnier Micellar Water Review

Well, this time I want to review Micellar Water from Garnier, Garnier Micellar Water this texture as light as water, do not leave the rest sticky or greasy. Miraculously, it not only lifts dust and dirt. The all-in-1 dry cleanser can clean all makeup including make-up, dust, oil, sweat and other with practical in one swab, so it does not take long when its use.

Also, Dermatologically tested, Ophthalmologically tested, Garnier Micellar Water also does not contain perfume, so it is suitable for all types of skin as well as for sensitive skin though.

When we are not using make-up we always think the face is clean, but dirt and pollution attached to our faces let alone the rest of the use of sunscreen that can cause blackheads if not cleaned properly, we can use Garnier Micellar water. Garnier Micellar Water is not a regular makeup Remover yaaa but also serves as Cleansing Water that can remove dirt dust, oil, sweat and more.

The external appearance:

The Maxi bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water is quite normal and not great design. A round bottle, which is transparent and has a pink lid. 

On the front and back are each transparent stickers that show all brand information and product names all relevant information on the micellar water. All in all, rather unspectacular, but it does not have to be, it should be clean and does not have to look styled.

But I have one point that bothers me enormously: the spout is simply grits, unfortunately, have to say so. Because if you do not put on a cotton pad before turning the bottle to remove the product, then the micellar tonic runs down the bottle. That also ugly stains on the bottom and remain on the tiles, if you do not wipe immediately, I do not have to say extra, right? A pump donor would have been much more useful here.

Variant Garnier Micellar Water:

Garnier Micellar Water there are two variant,

  1. Garnier Micellar Water Pink is suitable for sensitive skin because it is formulated without alcohol
  2. Garnier Micellar Water Blue will help control the excess oil, prevent acne

I admit that I am skeptical when a product promises to remove even water-resistant make-up without any problems, without rubbing and in one go. So too with this micelle water. Often enough I have experienced that in the end it did not even hold half of what the product promised. And then one becomes “unbelieving” with time; o) 

Micelles are described as a magnet for impurities and make-up and should provide for a quick and particularly thorough facial cleansing. I can not imagine how it works on the skin, but the main thing is that it works, right? I’ll talk about that sooner. 

Because I deal more and more often with the ingredients of the products – for years I have EVERYTHINGsmeared into my face and whether that was always so healthy … – well anyway, maybe it is interesting for you, what is in the products and what is possibly classified as questionable.

The ingredients of Garnier micelles cleaning water

In order to “pick” the micelle cleansing water from Garnier into its individual parts, I looked for the product at Codecheck and found it directly. 

Four ingredients contained in the micellar water are classified as recommendable via Test : 

  • Glycerin, moisturizing, skin- 
  • smoothing Hexylene Glycol (preservative) 
  • Disodium (vegetable surfactant)
  • Polyaminopropyl biguanide  (preservative)
  • Rather fitting here is rather the label “harmless”, as “recommended”, I would say. 
  • As recommended less  an ingredient is designated:
  • Disodium Edta weakens cell membranes (preservatives)
  • And not recommended is a substance called:
  • Poloxamer 184, can make the skin more permeable and thereby bring pollutants into the body (surfactant)

Basically, I think the relationship as balanced, the “pollutant” but irritated me. Because a permeable skin is not what I want when I clean my skin twice a day to get it radiantly beautiful. Now the Poloxamer 184 is at the penultimate place and is therefore used in the product on the second least. One does not know how much it would take to achieve a permeability of the skin. And since all products must be approved in the USA and constantly tested, I can hardly imagine that it is contained in harmful concentration.

The effect of Garnier micellar cleansing water

To challenge the little water I have made up a dark AMU, including a black base. In addition, I pulled a thick line and made red lips. So I’m in the evening with a ” hrrrrrrrrrrr, you can not do it anyway! ” Face gone to the bathroom and have soaked my cotton pads. 

200 cleaners, I find this number a bit exaggerated – but that can also be up to me because my pad must always be soaked, so I have the feeling, even really clean.

As usual, I have the cotton pads briefly held on my eyes and then taken away sideways. The fact is that it is not, as in advertising: hang up and streak-free clean. And also without rubbing, I did not get along. But, I’m a bit impressed that the AMU could be easily removed without leaving any residue. And that it did not burn in your eyes! 
The lips were clean with twice over and I did not believe that the micellar water creates that. Luckily, I did not have a dried-out feeling after removing the make-up, so the dry skin version balances and moisturizes.

To give you some insight, I’ve swatted “Blake” on the back of my hand and once wiped it over with a drizzled pad over it. As you can see, almost all of the lipstick is removed with a wipe.


The packaging also there are travel-friendly with packing cute 125ml and 400ml (NEW!) For a day to be more efficient and enough for monthly stock.


The price of Garnier Micellar water is reasonable and the available sizes are 125ml and 400ml. Super affordable right?

Where Can I buy it?

Garnier Micellar Water can also be found in the nearest Drugstore and Mini Market from where you are! So easy to find where.

Why I Love Garnier Micellar Water:

  • Garnier Micellar Water, this texture as light as water, do not leave the rest sticky or oily.
  • Not only removes dust and dirt, but Garnier Micellar Water also hydrates the skin
  • Garnier Micellar Water formula is halal (So make the same concern on the halal label in a product do not worry yaaa).
  • I love to use Garnier Micellar Water as a facial cleanser that cleans up incredibly quickly so I can do other activities.
  • Travel-friendly really, not possible when the holidays bring a lot of goods. It can double as Make p remover as well as a cleanser.
  • Practical use of Garnier Micellar Water when the time is little to clean (especially at night hit).
  • Garnier Micellar Water is essential when used in makeup/swap makeup or swatch lipstick on my Youtube.
  • Together with love the same performance, Garnier Micellar Water: 1 clean step, you must try!

My review of Garnier Micellar Water, hope to help you looking for ways to clean the face well but not complicated. The Garnier cleansing water with micellar technology not only promises, it also holds and provides a thorough and relatively quick cleansing of the skin. 

If I will buy it, I’m not sure yet. However, this is more due to the fact that I am currently using another make-up removal product that I like – because of other properties – much better. I’ll use it up but in any case. It does not hide.

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