Makeup Geek eyeshadow Review

Makeup Geek eyeshadow Review

My Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection second part! A few weeks ago, I continued talking about my favorite MUG neutral shades. Today, let’s look at the makeup of the brand with a satin finish if you want it! smile

I am an unconditional fan of Makeup Geek eyeshadow, which has completely supplanted my MAC makeup. For me, they are one of the best quality/price ratios of the market.

They are very good quality (without talc, cruelty-free, made in the USA), they have excellent pigmentation and are easy to fade. All this for a very reasonable price (6 dollars per unit if you buy them directly from the site Makeup Geek that delivers internationally).

However, I must admit that satin eyes are not all my favorites. Some are excellent, and I use them ultra often, but others do not have a pigmentation as important as the others and are sometimes a little “dry” in texture.

So I wanted to take the time to introduce them one by one and also to give you at the end of the article a list of my favorites, my “best of” if you want. wink

But let’s talk a little technical, first of all.

How do I apply my MUG eyeshadow with satin finish:

I had already spoken to you in my previous article of my “contouring” technique of eyes that I use with my matte eyes. If you do not mind, I invite you to read this post:  My favorite Makeup Geek neutral eyeshadow.

So I use my satin-finished makeup in the second stage, after “carving” my eyelid with my matte makeup. I use brighter shades (satin, iridescent, glitter or metallic) to give light and dimension to my eyes.

So, in short:

  • 1. I use light make-up to attract light and sparkle at certain strategic places.

So I use them: 
– under the eyebrow arch, 
– in the inner corner, 
– On the bulge of the eyelid.

  • 2. I use colored or neutral shades on the entire eyelid to bring out the color of the iris.

Here, the idea is to highlight the color of the eye. I will not go into the details of the colorimetry, but some colors will make more the color of the eyes than others. In general, we avoid using the same color as that of its iris because suddenly, the color of the makeup tends to “turn off” the look. We will, therefore, prefer colors that contrast with the color of his eyes!

For example: 
– for blue eyes: solely colors with an orange or red sub-tone (warm golden, amber, coral, peach, etc.), 
– for green eyes: all the colors with a purple or purple sub-tone (pink, mauve, purple, etc.), 
– for gray eyes: pink, plum, khaki green, 
– For brown eyes: lucky ones, everything goes! smile

Obviously, if you have eyes with sub-tones (example: blue-green, or brown-green, or gray-blue, etc.), the colors that go to you are cumulative. Anyway, the idea is to experiment to know which colors are better than others! smile

For my part, I have obvious blue-green eyes, so I favor the warm tones with sub red tones and all the pink and purple. The MUG make-up that I’m going to talk to you around so these colorful harmonies.

  • 3. Finally, I emphasize the look with darker makeup:

These are a little “liners” of makeup. I usually use them along the lash line (lower or upper) to give the impression of more lashes. 
But I also use them more diffuse in the outer corner of the eye, making a sort of elongated V shape to come to stretch and give an impression of an almond eye.

This technique works with both matte and shiny shades.

My MUG eyeshadow collection with satin finish:

– Vanilla Bean:

I was hoping it would be a comprehensive basic makeup, and being frank, I would have preferred Matt. But it is a creamy, flesh-colored body with a slightly satin finish. I love its color, which is the exact color of my skin but it lacks pigmentation. Too bad, because I would have preferred to use it as a base blush on the entire eyelid. And for this type of makeup, I prefer a little more coverage so that it can camouflage my small veins and my defects on the eyelid.

– Bling:

An iridescent blush. Perfect for illuminating the eye arch. It is very creamy and has a great pigmentation.

– Rapunzel:

A very pretty dark beige champagne, with a slightly golden side. I use it very often in point of light, especially at the idea of the inner corner. It is well pigmented and has a creamy texture.

– Bleached Blonde:

A beige sand slightly glittery. Ideal for a light day makeup, it is somewhat subtle.

– Homecoming:

A very nice neutral face, which I wear very often just applied to the entire eyelid. It is a light beige / brown metallic, with a slight coppery side. It is very easy to wear and is well pigmented and has a creamy texture.

– Pretentious:

A very pretty bronze, rather hot. It has a slightly metallic finish. Like Homecoming, I like it a lot, and I wear it often over the entire eyelid. It is also well pigmented and has a creamy texture.

– Bada Bing:

A chocolate brown with a matte base and mini gold glitter. I am very fond of its color, less of its texture, that I find a little dry. Sequins are almost invisible once on the eyelid. I use Baba Bing as a matte pomace. 
I confess it’s not my favorite. I dream that Marlena (the founder of MUG) is the same color in creamy matte version!

 – Pocket Change:

A beautiful amber gilt bronze with a warm, slightly orange sub-tone. He is superb and very flattering. Its texture is ultra creamy, and the pigmentation is at the top.

– Glamorous:

An iridescent orange walleye. This blush is not my favorite. It is quite dry in texture and pigmentation is poor.

– Cosmopolitan:

A peach blush / golden salmon. I love it in summer; it is beautiful and very bright. It has a very good pigmentation, and its texture is very creamy.

– Roulette:

It is a burnt / orange-red-brown with a metallic finish. It is very pretty for a hot smoky. It is well pigmented and has a creamy texture.

– Country Girl:

I have the impression that this color has been discontinued, I do not see it on the site of MUG. It is a slightly rosy reddish brown with a satin finish. It is well pigmented and but its texture is a bit dry.

– Lucky Penny:

One of my favorites from MUG. Yes totally. And yet, I have only for a few months, but I’m crazy! It makes me think a lot about MAC’s Mist, but I find it even more successful (and yet, I love Sand!). It is a beautiful pink metallic brown, not too dark. I apply it on the entire eyelid, and it is very good to highlight the color of my eyes. It’s one of the ones I use most in this palette. Its texture is ultra creamy, and the pigmentation is perfect.

– Brown Sugar:

Unfortunately, I have the impression that this color has also been discontinued, I do not see it either on the site of MUG. It’s a shame because I like it a lot. It is a very nice iridescent chocolate brown, with a slight pink side. It is superb on the entire eyelid. It is an excellent pigmentation, and it fades very easily.

– Pillow Talk:

A frosted pink lilac blush, with a bright reflection. It is very bright! I like it a lot to bring light and for my cold smokey. Its texture is creamy, and it is super pigmented.

– Cinderella:

A beautiful color: hot pink light iridescent but I find it quite dry and its pigmentation is a little feeble. Too bad because I love its color!

– Twilight:

A pretty purple-pink satin. Its pigmentation is correct, but it could be more pigmented. It fades rather well, however.

– Sensuous:

I am a little shared in this makeup. I am an ultra fan of her color, a pretty violet purple with iridescent particles. But its pigmentation could be further intense, and flakes tend to fall a little. But if you know how to apply it (you have to tap your brush to make the excess glitter and implement it in several layers to increase its coverage), it is still very pretty worn. It’s still one of my favorite Mug MUGs.

– Drama Queen:

A very pretty black purple very dark and iridescent. Giving dimension to makeup is superb. I use it a lot in the lashes or the outer corner of the eyelid.

– Anarchy:

A light pinkish red with a somewhat orange undertone. Its finish is rather metallic. This is a more recent addition; I have not yet much “practiced” to be honest. By cons, I can still tell you that its texture is creamy and is very pigmented.

– Burlesque:

A very pretty maroon blush, with a slightly brown side and a satin finish. It is very pretty applied on the entire eyelid or in the outer corner and lashed to give dimension to the look.

– Shimma Shimma:

An absolute must-have! It’s probably one of my all-time favorites for the inner corner, all brands combined! It is a sublime beige champagne very slightly pink, with a metallic finish, ultra bright. It is very intense and perfect to give a lot of glamor to the eyes. I love it!

– Prom Night:

A medium gray mauve, with a slight pink, taupe side. Very nice color to bring out the green eyes, in a subtle way. It has a satin finish.

– Moondust:

A beautiful taupe, beige cold, with a little platinum side. It is rather metallic but in a subtle way. I’m not necessarily a fan of cold eyes, but I love this color very subtle and more complex than it seems. A favorite!

– Hipster:

A beige sand, slightly taupe but rather clear. Its finish is iridescent. It lacks a hair of pigmentation for my taste, and its texture is a little dry.

– Taupe Notch:

A brown, satiny mole. It is a light powdery at first, but it has good pigmentation and fades very easily.

– Venom:

A real favorite for this beautiful dark green metallic gold. I love this type of green with golden highlights. On the eyelid, it is tiny dark than we might think by looking at it in the “pan.” I find it beautiful and it is superb for makeup a little more intense. It is very pigmented, and its texture is creamy.

A difficult choice for the collector that I am. I cheated, there are more than ten this time. Here are my favorites:

Shimma Shimma (and  Rapunzel, I can not choose) (for me, it takes both lol), Homecoming, Pretentious, Lucky Penny, Pillow Talk, Sensuous, Moondust, Venom.

(I did not put Brown Sugar because it is discontinued, but it is also one of my favorites, I love it!)

I hope this article will be useful if you consider placing an order with MUG! smile

And you, are you a follower of makeup Geek makeup? What are your favorite Satin MUGs?